Where Business Meets Entertainment, Education, and Enthusiasm

Where Business Meets Entertainment, Education, and Enthusiasm

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We offer workshops, seminars, webinars, one on one training and life coaching! Get in touch and let us help you grow and become the best you! We use a specific formula in our teaching to help the growth happen quickly.



Listen in on how to grow your business and yourself to the next level. We want to help you serve the world and pursue your own personal happiness too!




No region in Southern California builds Wal-Mart, CosctCo,?Sams Club,?or Lowes if the demographics and sheer population base doesn?t support them. It also takes many other ancillary businesses to really help communities thrive. In the Antelope Valley?there is always competition for hiring. How this is done often makes the difference between success and failure in business.

We at the Winzone Bennett Enterprises?are the champions of business world, and we use our expertise in social media marketing field to energize sales, services, and community support.

When economic times are tough, it is extremely important to have the right people on staff to run operations, and to keep a continuity of employees and policies to drive sales. The goal of Winzone Bennett Enterprisesis alwaysto drive more business to ourclients, so we launch campaigns, contests, discount programs, and workshops to support all our other services.


Hiring smart:?We teach innovative techniques for creating an ideal team of employees.

  • Defining available positionsoCollecting the best applications.
  • Screening applicants before interviewsoGroup interviews.
  • Innovative new technique.
  • Including existing staff input in the process.

Maintain employees:?In order to keep business at high levels of productivity and stability, there are proven systems that work for the long run.

  • How to conduct fun and educational Staff Meetings(excite the work force).
  • Provide and explain benefits of the job.
  • Creating multiple levels of responsibility, pay, and authority.
  • Encourage innovative thought and rewards for productive ideas.
  • Create a fun work environment.

Motivation:?Even the best employees can get complacent and sloppy with theirwork ethics. Good owners and managers find ways to keep attitudes high and production even higher.

  • Individual ?pep talks? with employees.
  • Regular compliments on the job.?
  • Sharing stories of past successes to energize workers.
  • Unexpected bonusesoProviding ?Big Picture? for the company, and employee?s chances of shared success.