Starting the Year Off Right

Starting the Year Off Right

Now is the time to make plans, adjustments, and goals for 2017.  These must be specific in nature, and be the result of assessments of last year’s results (or lack thereof).  It is often helpful if you include someone close to your business for collaboration, but if you are the owner, — YOU must determine your company’s direction for this upcoming year.

These items you identify must be written down and referred to daily.  There needs to be an urgency to your work, and a fierce determination to your goals.  The more dedicated you become to your plans for development,– the more successful your efforts will become.  This has to be a concerted effort to elevate your attitude towards greater accomplishments.  This will automatically transfer to your work force.

You may consider a motto for your company.  I did long ago.  Mine is; Think BIG, and Have Fun.

Best wishes for a fun and prosperous 2017.

I have had at least a dozen different full careers in Southern California over the last 40+ years. These have been in 17 cities, and my reputation has thrived because of my passion and contributions to the businesses of those communities. I now seek to use my varied knowledge and experience to benefit other enterprises looking for success in the Business World.