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Where Business Meets Entertainment, Education, and Enthusiasm

By The Book?

We?ve all heard the expression, but how many have thought deeply about its meaning or applications? When somebody goes ?by-the-book,? which book are they referring to, and who wrote it?

Maybe it is just a ?figure of speech,? but its implications can be far reaching. Its true derivation is probably lost in the pages of books long out of print. In many cases, we can infer that it reverts to some standard of rules or procedures generally accepted by the longstanding human practices in some common endeavor among people which has a history of varying results. It also implies an approved course of action that follows rules or ?laws? that currently apply, – but anything not strictly adhering to those written (or passed on verbally by generations) edicts of conduct are subject to scorn, punishment, or worse.

There is also an expression in courts of the land, – that states the prosecutor ??threw the book at him.? This is likely the same ?book? so euphemistically used to set standards for the public that must coincide with the popular morals and judgments of some ?higher authority.?

I am NOT and have never been a ?by-the-book? type of person. When you browse through this website, you should emphatically see the distinction between my ideas and whatever is considered ?normal? in society. The provocative and synergetic dialogue that takes place with my guests on my podcast and with clients amplify that there is no ?book? that I follow.

I have witnessed other people held to a norm, a paragon, a canon, or a tradition of behavior that is supposedly By The Book. NO SUCH BOOK EXISTS. If it did, you could not possibly add in all the variables, nuances, and/or specific circumstances of a given situation in life. We as fellow human beings must be compassionate, flexible, unbiased, and intellectually honest and compromising with our judgment of others. There is no book nor manifesto of policy that can anticipate the wide birth of societal interactions. Each ?case? has vastly different circumstantial ?evidence.?

When you experience my philosophies throughout these pages and platforms you should manifestly see my reluctance to do, say, or propose anything ?By The Book.? These pages should explode with new views mixed with traditional values to point ambitious people in the richest and most assured directions towards success in their life?s ventures.
– Dave Siemienski