Monthly Archive May 15, 2017

Super Summer hiring

By now, if you haven’t already,– you should be thinking about hiring for this summer. When you do, consider my innovative system of getting the best injection of exactly the right employees for your company.

My technique of “group interviews” minimizes your need for time-consuming individual interviews, and enables you and your management to evaluate applicants in a relaxed,– yet competitive environment.  This 2-hour process allows you to see and hear the candidates in a more natural state, where the true personalities come to the surface by the interaction of the whole group.  This is my personal system developed over years as a franchisee for the four Cold Stone Creamery ice cream stores I owned and operated from 1998-2008.

When I opened our first store in Glendale California in 1998 (among the first 50 stores opened), I first tested this unique style of applicant screening.  When our sales numbers hit unprecedented levels, the Arizona Franchise executives took notice,– as did the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the LA Business Journal.  When I told them how we were able to hire the most energetic and dynamic staff, my technique got video-taped and distributed to every new CSC opening store across the country and internationally.   This led to nearly 2000 ice cream locations just 10 years later.

I can do this for your store or company.  All businesses need to evaluate the available pool of workers in a comparative way,– and THIS allows your management team to see the best of what is out there.  Call me for details how I can help your business sizzle this summer.