Monthly Archive March 6, 2017

How Can We Appeal to Millennials?

Appealing to Millennials

Most Millennials tend to ignore certain social media that does not fit their current lifestyle and/or purchasing priorities. There are forecasts that YouTube’s net U.S. video ad revenues will hit nearly $2.6 billion in 2017, accounting for 20% of total U.S. video ad revenues. The most recent data reveals Millennials are responding less and less to the ads forced into this network.
Millennials have become slightly more accepting of Twitter advertising over the last three years. Marketers are discovering what catches the attention of Twitter users. These studies are being analyzed as the data comes in, and is forever changing with the landscape of social media platforms.
It has been determined through surveys that Millennials who respond to Facebook ads has risen in recent years. The exception to this is sharing ads, which has fallen steadily since 2014. Average of all interactions reach almost 33%. This information needs to be factored into many marketing decisions.
Some of these facts and survey results correlate with the findings that have found approximately 30% of people sit through an entire YouTube ad.

The “jury” is still out on whether the vast amount of advertising dollars spent on digital ads in social media marketing is being wasted or not. Many of the messages likely get through to Millennials,– but only if delivered in the desired manner. It appears the preferred format for this group is content marketing.
The secret is to not market to them directly, but to sell through ideas, referrals, and peers that they have faith in. They respond most favorably to friends, family, and the best sources of social news and trends.
Therefore, it is critical that content gives Millennials something for their attention, time, and loyalty to your product and/or services. If you genuinely seek to educate them to what you are offering and how easily they can acquire it,—they will certainly reward you with their business. Give them value and honesty, and they will support whatever you are trying to sell them.
Marketing to Millennials is growing more important with each passing year. They are now the most sophisticated and discerning audiences on the Internet. How they perceive all forms of social media advertising will determine whether they turn it off,– or turn towards it. The key will be providing dynamic images, ideas, and valuable content to their buying experiences.